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 February 2017 
February 28 - March 2, 2017

Sales Professionals Training Camp

Don Buttrey - Coach & Trainer

Dayton, OH

March 5-8, 2017

University of Innovative Distribution - Register Now!

JW Marriott Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

April 2-6, 2017

NAHAD 33rd Annual Convention - Register Now!

JW Marriott Hill Country Resort

San Antonio, TX



NAHAD members commit to compliance with the NAHAD Code of Business Conduct, promoting high professional business and product standards and ethical conduct in dealing with customers, suppliers and competitors.


NAHAD Distributor Memberships and Hose Safety Institute Memberships are offered to eligible companies and their branch locations, with the following options available:

1. Distributor companies pay $800 per year (Jan-Dec) for NAHAD Membership, for the main company location. All employees at the main company location are serviced by NAHAD, provided that the company has provided those employee names, titles and emails to NAHAD. All such employees receive all NAHAD communications and benefits and are listed in the annual NAHAD Membership Directory and are searchable on the NAHAD web site.

2. Distributor Member companies are highly encouraged to include each of their branch locations, and the employees at those branches, as NAHAD Members by paying the annual service fee of $125 per branch location. Those branch locations and employees are also then serviced by NAHAD, as noted above.

3. Distributor Member branch locations are highly encouraged to gain the many benefits of Hose Safety Institute Membership by agreeing to comply with the Institute Requirements and payment of the per-branch location Institute Membership fee of $300 per year (Jan-Dec).

Please note that the Membership Application Forms, below, are interactive PDF's. For more information about using these Adobe Acrobat forms click this link:Learn how. 

Distributor Membership Application Form  

Manufacturer Membership Application Form

Associate Membership Application Form

Affiliate Membership Application Form

Manufacturer Reps Application Form

Terry Weiner of Abbott Rubber Company talks about how NAHAD Distributor Membership has benefited his company

Jeff Berger of Parker Hannifin talks about how NAHAD Manufacturer Membership has benefited his company