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William Travis

Social Cause

Clean Water Changes Everything

NAHAD members came together in the fight to bring clean, safe drinking water to those in need around the world. During the 2017 holiday season we raised $5,355 bringing us to a grand total of $20,681! This money will give 600 people access to clean water and bring us closer to ending the global water crisis. That's worth celebrating! 100% of the money raised will be sent to the field, where it's about to change lives.

Stay tuned for our next campaign and learn how clean water means more kids in school.


MozambiqueThe members of NAHAD banded together in the fight to provide clean, safe drinking water to people in need and because of your support, families in Mozambique will soon have clean water to drink.

Mozambique underwent a civil war that led to extreme poverty and severely unhealthy living conditions. In addition, floods and earthquakes exacerbate the growing water crisis. With the 22nd highest child mortality rate in the world, every year 82,000 children in Mozambique don't make it to the age of five.

Recently, Mozambique has made incredible strides toward development, and providing access to clean water is a major priority.

Check back here for more updates on this project. 



No one should have to live without clean water. Yet unfortunately more than 663 million people – twice the population of the U.S. – do every day. That is why NAHAD decided to make a difference and support charity: water, a nonprofit organization that brings clean water to millions worldwide.

At the 2016 NAHAD Annual Convention we launched our social cause initiative to support a cause connected to the hose industry: clean water. As a result, NAHAD has joined with charity: water to directly support a water project in a country with the greatest need. charity: water works in 24 counties worldwide focusing on providing rural communities with their first access to clean water. The organization has implemented almost 20,000 water projects and fully 100 percent of NAHAD’s donation will go directly to water project costs.(Private donors cover salaries and overhead.)

Charity Water


Download a one-pager on charity: water and NAHAD’s support here or visit charitywater.org

4-Star Charitable Ranking: Read more on charity: water’s 4-Star ranking by independent charity evaluator, Charity Navigator.

Wonder what life would be like without clean water? charity: water and Buzzfeed cook up Tasty videos with a disturbing twist.