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Purdue University Certificate of InNNOVATIVE Distribution


NAHAD is a founding member of the University of Innovative Distribution (UID - 1994) and partners with Purdue University in support of the professional development needs of its members.

Through this affiliation, NAHAD members can earn the Purdue University Professional Certificate of Innovative Distribution, a tangible demonstration an employee’s professional commitment and a valuable addition to your company’s professional credentials.

The Professional Certificate of Innovative Distribution is earned upon the completion of 90 hours of instruction that meets the University requirement of 9 Continuing Education Units [CEUs] or CEU equivalents. Those 90 hours can be achieved by attending any combination of:

  • One or more annual UID programs (30 hours/3 CEUs for each four-day program), 
  • Qualified distribution education and/or training programs, offered by NAHAD or other industry / educational organizations

Each Continuing Education Unit [CEU] or CEU equivalent equals 10 hours of instruction [education and/or training]. Individuals attending 3 UIDs will automatically receive their Professional Certificate of Innovative Distribution directly from Purdue. Contact the NAHAD office at vmoulden@univid.org  or 410-940-6350 for verification of UID attendance.

If attending only one or two UIDs, the other required CEUs can be earned through a wide variety of education and training venues. Educational programs sponsored by NAHAD and other UID co-sponsoring associations do qualify, including education seminars/sessions/workshops at conventions, online training seminars, and other  individual courses, as well as other demonstrated education/training venues.

CEUs or CEU equivalents can be earned by employees that attend their own company’s training, as well as attending courses offered by their suppliers and/or customers. To be eligible, the information should be documented on the application form: the type of training completed, the number of hours completed, the name of the presenter, and an outline and/or copy of the course materials. It is also possible to use product training. Again, complete information is required for all sessions. Courses earning documented CEUs that are offered by outside contractors such as the American Management Association, the American Society for Quality or other educational, professional and/or training firms may also be used to satisfy the CEU requirements.

CEU credits earned by individuals can be obtained through UID-based educational programs, as well as association programs by providing the names of individuals attending the session(s), the number of hours training completed, and a copy of the materials used at the program.

In summary, applicants can earn the 9 CEUs required to earn the certificate by:

  1. Earning 3 CEUs by attending one (1) UID program, plus an additional 6 CEUs (60 hours of educational instruction/training) from a variety of resources such as the members’ association and/or other sources of educational training; OR
  2. Earning 6 CEUs by attending two (2) UID programs, plus an additional 3 CEUs (30 hours of educational instruction/training) from a variety of resources such as the members’ association and/or other sources of educational training; OR
  3. Earning 9 CEUs by attending three (3) UID programs. Completion of 3 UIDs will automatically result in the award of a certificate.

To apply, simply complete this Certificate Application Form or visit www.univid.org  or http://www.tech.purdue.edu/it/academics/undergraduate/curricula/Continuing_Ed.cfm