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Membership Benefits For Quality & Profitability

Membership Benefits For Quality & Profitability

As a NAHAD member, your company gains access to resources and training made for improving hose quality and increasing profitability

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Setting the Standard for Hose Safety

Setting the Standard
for Hose Safety

With decades of hose industry experience, NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute has set the standard for comprehensive guidelines and training.

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June 14, 2023
2:00PM - 4:00PM EDT

AEA Seminar: Session 3: Macroeconomics III: B2B Capex, Inventories, and Investment Considerations

Presenter:‎ Alex Chausovsky, Miller Resource Group


A slowing macro economy is a headwind for investment, affecting everything from capacity planning to ‎capital expenditures and inventory levels. The pandemic-era swings in both supply and demand are ‎calming, but persistent uncertainties - the war in Ukraine, the Fed’s interest rate policy, and the ‎severity and longevity of the economic downturn – all cloud the decision-making process. What does it ‎all mean to the distribution community? In this episode Alex Chausovsky will delve deep into these ‎critical topics. He will discuss the current Capex and inventory landscape, explore what is likely to occur ‎down the road,‎ and provide some sage advice to distributors looking for new insights and ideas to help deal with ‎the uncertainty head on.‎

July 26, 2023
3:00PM - 4:00PM EST

UID Year-Round: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) - Accomplishing More With Less

Presenter: Brian Bluff, CEO & Co-Founder of Site-Seeker, Inc.


In uncertain economic times, with high employee turnover rates, and a shortage of talent, marketing has to do more with less. Fortunately, technology has provided us with the tools necessary to meet our lead generation goals. Lead and sales intelligence platforms, AI, Marketing Automation tools, and LinkedIn allow us to precisely target exact companies and people with the right job titles within companies matching our Ideal Customer Profile. This session will outline an approach to Account-Based Marketing that leverages technology to increase the efficiency of lead-generation efforts.

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Hose Safety Isn’t Optional, It’s Invaluable

Proper safety procedures and training is something any company must embrace.

Hose safety benefits your company’s quality and bottom line. More importantly, it ensures that your customers’ employees arrive home safely to their loved ones at the end of every day. That is invaluable.

Learn more about Hose Safety Awareness Week here.

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"The Hose Safety Institute has been the ideal environment for our Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) project, Matching Acquisition Strategies to Industrial Capabilities (MASIC), to interact effectively with the hose and accessories industry. It allows us to understand better what deters the industrial hose/fittings community from bidding on Government solicitations and what steps might be taken to improve industry response. NAHAD and the Institute have set the bar very high for future DLA-Industry relationship development. We couldn’t ask for more open and interested collaboration."

Jo Marie Diamond

Jo Marie Diamond

CEO, East County Economic Development Council / leading DLA Connectory MASIC

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